How To Clean Nail Art Brushes

How To Clean Nail Art Brushes – Everybody keeps asking how do I care for my nail brushes. I will show you how to care for those and how to revive that and make that better than it is. I will get you a gel brush as well, so I have a gel brush here and I’ll show you how to care for that as well.

So I am going to start with my acrylic brushes, in this dampen dish here I have got some brush cleaner. Now the brush cleaner will care of the brush so it won’t strip it from too many oils, it won’t dry it out and make it brittle, it’s the same as with like you know your natural hair if you didn’t condition it, it would go all horrible at the ends and then you need to cut it, well you can’t do that with your brushes, you can’t just cut the end of your brush off can you. Because it will not work What I’m gonna do it is, you can see it’s not shaped or anything, this has been on the side for a while.

So I am gonna submerge it into the liquid, and give that a few seconds to just soak into the brush, and then I’m gonna take, you can either use your lint free pads or you can use some paper towel, it’s up to you. I like to use paper towel because it absorbs very quickly. You can just use pure acetone, but you don’t want to just use that. So I’ve got another dappen dish here. I’ve got some acetone, and I’m gonna submerge it into the acetone, and I’m gonna leave that for around 15 seconds.

You’re gonna pull this way. Don’t ever push your brush this way, it will ruin the bristles. You are gonna pull it to the tip. So you can see that it starts to soften the product, you can see a bit of a change in the product, it’s gone a bit pale, so we are gonna do that again. Just one more time that’s all we are gonna do it cause we just wanted the product to start to break down. Same again, we are gonna pull it towards the tip, now we are gonna go into the brush cleaner. What I like to do is get a little bit of Blu Tack. This is not chewing gum, this is Blu Tack. Keep the brush nice and saturated. You can turn the brush upside down, and then rest it with some of the Blu Tack, against something, so you know that it’s all been saturated, but I like to do it the opposite way around, because I want everything to come to the tip.

What that is doing is letting the liquid draw to the tip, and it will start to separate the product from the brush. See, we’re reviving the brush, from its death. So before it dies, we’re gonna fix it. So after a roughly around one minute. We are gonna do the same again. And then we are gonna wiggle the brush. . . Still to the tips, we are gonna go back in and do the same. So just go into your liquid, into that brush cleaner. Keep wiggling it so, as you wiggle it across like that, it’s gonna force the product out of the brush, there’s just one little tiny bit in there now. So I’m gonna give that one more minute. You definitely can’t rush this process if you do, then you will end up with a jacked-up brush. So we’re gonna do the same again able to see the bristles start to open and you can see if there is any product left in. And I think we are pretty much good to go now. I am gonna take some acrylic liquid it doesn’t really matter what acrylic liquid, as long as it is the one that you use. And I am just going to saturate all of those bristles and then I am going to come back to the paper towel, using a separate section, a nice and clean area, and spinning the brush in my hand, oh let’s take the blue take off I don’t need that. Spinning the brush in my hand, I am gonna reshapes the brush, there you are it is fixed, and revived and it is ready to use.

Now if you leave a brush for more than I would say more than three days in a pot without being touched, when you come to use it the liquid will have changed its color and it will have gone a little bit yellow, so you could never just go straight into the liquid and start to work with it you would always need to clean that brush to get rid of that declaration, and if your brush is starting to go yellow then oh my god you are not busy enough, because if you are not touching that brush for three days you need more customers. So that is that brush done, as you can see, these two were very similar at first they were both a little bit, you know, messed up and needed to go to the brush hospital, that’s what it should look like this is what it should not look like.

So lets have a look at this. Let’s get a bit more brush cleaner, so as I clean through this with the brush cleaner

alone is actually cleaning any product from the bristles, because that is shaping straightaway. And if we go like this, with the bristles, we can see there is no product in there it is all clean, so sometimes it is as simple as that. I am gonna go into the liquid the acrylic liquid and now spin the brush in my hand so am turning it to a nice point. You would do this with even if you had. Like this brush is completely round, it’s not crimped hair. So you see this one is crimped and as I turn it. It is thinner here, because it is crimped and this one is a complete barrel. You would do this turning the brush in the hand to make it go to a nice point with that kind of brush as well. It doesn’t matter if it is crimped or not. This humongous brush. I have never used it, but I looked at it and thought I like a challenge, so I think we may use this one day, but it is a little bit messed up so it does need to go into the brush cleaner. Wow, that soaked up all of the brush cleaner, we need a little bit more of that.

Let’s have a look at what this is like. Why would you need a brush that big, because I mean, nobody, do people have nails big enough to need that size brush. Some people like to do one bead application, which I do, I do a lot of one bead application. But I don’t need a brush quite this big, but I wanna see if I can do it. With this humorous brush or maybe it is for like, when you’ve got a bloke with really big. Like giants? Yeah, Like the mountain, from Game of Thrones. You don’t watch that, do you? He’s a big dude Like the BFG if you were doing the BFG’s nails God at least the person I said was real. If you are doing the BFG’s nails you know, as you might do. You would need a big brush like this.

I am gonna put this into the acrylic liquid now and then give it a final twist and turn pulling it to a nice point, so that brings all of the bristle back into shape. And then you can put the lid on. If this brush isn’t shaped nicely to a point you would never get the lid on, Gel Brush now it is always a good idea to have a gel brush with the lid on that is always brilliant, but I know that that is not always possible. Leaving the gel brush slightly tacky will always hold the bristles into shape.

However, if you don’t have a brush with a lid you need to keep it clean so you can still use the brush cleaner and clean that through. Still wiggling it, and then pulling it into a nice flat point like that, so it is like a knife, that is all you need to do with a gel brush and you can leave that. Obviously there is no product in that now, so you can leave it out, put it in a pot, but if you have a lid for it that would be even better, because you could literally just get a little bit of gel residue, I’ll show you come on let me show you what you could do. A little bit of gel residue and the you would simply wipe it into a nice sharp point and some of the residue of the gel would still remain in the brush because you have not gone into brush cleaner or anything like that, and only gently wiped it and you haven’t given it a good scrub or anything. And that will hold the brush bristles into shape nicely as well.

New Nail art brushes in this nail art brush have been through the mill, it has got acrylic on it and sorts going on. So what I would do with this, I would definitely use a lint free pad, get the brush cleaner, put a little drop on there. And then wrap it around the bristles. And spin the brush pull it to you, you can see on there, all of that and it didn’t even look that bad did it. Now you are gonna do it again, and you’ll repeat this until it is completely clean if you do gel art with art brushes you know you have gotta make sure that is clean, so you want to use some gel residue solution first and then go into your brush cleaner, and you wanna make sure that is left with a nice point. Just like that.

Before you use your nail art brush if you are gonna use it for gel I would give it a wipe over with gel residue, wipe off solution, and if you are gonna use if for nail art, Asian free hand art with acrylic paints or water colors rinse it in water first so you will go into the water and just pull that through. Exactly the same as we did just There you are, all of them brushes are done, lets have a look at them. , we’ve been to the brush hospital, they look so much better.

So all of those brushes are revived, ready to use, lovely jubbly you didn’t need to throw them in the bin, they are ready to use. As long as you care for your brushes and you look after them, they will last you a long time, you need the brush to be in its best condition to get the best result there is no point in using a really rubbish brush to try and get the money lease on your nails, it just won’t work. Okay, so make sure you care for your brushes, I hope this has been helpful for you.

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