How To Use Nail Art Brushes

How To Use Nail Art Brushes –  Thick or thin lines can be done with the same brushes. If you have more paint, or if you press the brush on the nail, then you get thicker lines. If your paint is watery, and you have no more than needed on the brush, hold it steady, press lightly, and you’ll get thinner lines. Apply the nail art brushes to create stunning nail art designs, get the perfect gel polish colors. Here are a few tips on how to use the sensational nail art brushes as well as some nail art design ideas:

Striper Brush
The nail art striper brush is a precision thin brush for striping and detail work. Create nail art patterns using lines, checked nails, netting and outlining etc.

You can also use the striper nail brush to create a narrow French manicure look using White Lily, ideal for smaller nails.

Slanted Brush
This slanted nail art brush is used for tapered points or gel nail art that needs one thick stroke. The slanted nail brush is too great for blending gel nail polish colors and applying loose nail glitter.

With one small movement you can create perfect petals and the slanted brush is also great for a thicker effect gel French manicure.

Fan Brush
The nail art fan brush is great for layering and blending gel nail polish colors to create ombre or feathered gel nail effects. The fan brush can also be used for flicking to create splashes of gel polish.

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