Cutes Nail Designs

Cutes Nail Designs – If you’re looking for some cutes nail art designs, you are at the right place! We have put together a compilation of many nail designs that will certainly inspire you and spark your creativity. Talking about fashions and neutral colors, the arrival of spring is a moment of renewal and stylish rebirth for our body… and for our nails. The new season can bring a wave of love for a simple, natural and classy style. Through pastel colors and a soft touch of shine, nails absorb the energy carried by spring, bringing life back to fingertips that slowly become an ode to joy.

Nail art offers a way to express your style, personality and creativity. Creating nail designs does not have to be time consuming or require an expensive trip to the nail salon. Decorate your own nails at home easily and quickly with just a few simple tools and your own nail polish. These designs work for short, long or acrylic nails. Create coordinating designs on your toes as well. Always begin with clean and buffed nails for a smooth application.

Get festive with a little blue and red nail polish in diagonal stripes. For this look, start with polish-free nails. Add your washi tape in a diagonal pattern to and put the blue polish stripe at the outer edges of your nails. Once that dries, remove the tape and repeat the process at the base of your nails with the red polish. This would be just the right two-tone nail look for Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July or Labor Day weekend.

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