Holloween Nail Art

Holloween Nail Art – Today I’m going to show you how to create your very own super cute Halloween nails. Like this! They are perfect for Halloween, really all of October, and just any time you sense like being spooky and cute. Let’s get started then. In this picture, I will be using ALL of these gel polish colors. But if you don’t have these colors in gel polish or nail polish, do not worry! You can always switch up the designs to be able to go with the colors that you do have.

I’m working with gel polish so I will be using a base coat and a top coat, black, orange, yellow, white, red, pink, and green. Whether you are using nail polish or gel polishes, you are going to want to start with a base coat to help the polish stick to your nail and stay on as long as it can. Because I’m using a gel, I’m going to cure the polish between every layer for 30 seconds with an LED lamp. If you’re using a UV lamp, it will be more like 2 minutes. And if you’re using regular nail polish, you’re just going to have to wait it out between each layer, so get comfortable.

This is gonna take a while. I want the background of each nail to be black, so I’m just going to paint a coat of black across all of my nails and then cure it for 30 seconds. Now using just a little bit of orange polish on a tiny, tiny brush, I’m going to start drawing out the outline of a tiny little ghost. When doing nail art, you’re working in layers, so you’re going to want to start with what will be in the back of your final image and add more colors as you go, and then the details like the faces will be the last step. Once you’re happy with your outline, fill it in with more polish so the color is opaque.

Remember to let your polish dry completely before moving on to another color or in the case of gel, make sure you cure it before you change colors. So I just wanted the orange to be an outline for my final ghost picture, so now I will come in with white and go over that same shape that I did before, but leaving a little space around the edges so that they orange outline shows up. And then using a dotting tool, I’m going to dot two black eyes. If you don’t have a dotting tool, just use a tiny paintbrush and paint two little circles. Then switching back to a paintbrush, I will add a little smile. And then back to the dotting tool to add two pink cheeks and two white dots in the eyes. Adding the white dots and the pink cheeks will really up the cuteness factor of all of your little designs.

After your ghost is done and you’ve cured it, apply a top coat to finalize it and make it really shiny. Moving on to our pumpkin nail. Again, I’m going to do an outline the same way that I did the orange on the ghost, but this time I’m using yellow to outline the orange pumpkin. Once you have the outline, fill it all in with yellow. And remember, I’m curing in between each color change. Now using orange, I’m drawing a pumpkin shape inside of the yellow outline. Then I am adding a green stem on top of the pumpkin. Then draw a Jack-o-lantern face however you want. I am doing triangle eyes and a cute little mouth.

I’m going to cover it with a shiny top coat. For my spider web and spider nail, I’m going to start with the background which is going to be the web, so I’m going to use white nail polish to draw out three lines and then connect them all with little supply lines and that will make a nice little web design.

You can make your other hand the same or different Halloween characters. I hope you guys decide to try out this tutorial.

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