Shamrock Nail Art

Shamrock Nail Art – Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone and because of that, today I’m going to do an Irish themed nail art using shamrocks. Keep reading to find out how doing this nice easy look.

First of all what are you going to need – a base coat, a top coat, a white nail polish, a green nail polish, a brush, nail polish remover and cotton pads. Step one, as always apply a base coat. I’m using Revlon’s Quick Dry Base Coat. Step two is to apply a green nail polish.

I’m using one from LA Colors. Apply this to your thumb, fore, middle and pinky fingers. Step three is to apply a white nail polish to your fourth finger. I’m using Kleancolorin White. Using that same white colored nail polish, put some down on a paper towel and create little white ‘v’s on your nails like so. You can sketch these out a little bit with a brush, and once you’re happy with the shape just filling them in a little bit darker.

Do this on your first, second, third and fifth finger. Now do the same thing, but with green polish on your fourth finger. The final step is to apply a top coat, just make sure your nails are completely dry so you don’t smudge them. So here’s the finished look, I hope you all liked it. Let me know what you think and of course Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

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